Tim McNick

Graphic, Video, & Sound Designer

About Tim

It's a pleasure to meet you! I am an artist and musician with over 25 years of experience as a designer. I have been working as Creative Director for Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology since 2005 and Creative Director for the Office of Dr. Polcino since 2014. Throughout my career, I have produced hundreds of freelance works as well.

My diverse skill set encompasses many aspects of print and digital media, along with a strong expertise in concept development, branding, copywriting, photography and videography. My main passion lies in building a competitive advantage for customers through devising and applying new ideas and innovations for their businesses.

Graphic Design

Experienced in logo creation, branding, page design, typography, package design, illustation, vinyl and signage.

Video Editing

Production of motion graphics, footage editing and keying. Knowledge of filming, lighting and storyboarding.

Web Design

Created and maintained functional and attractive websites for over 50 clients. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 

Writing & Creative

 A passion for creating high-impact messages for capturing the target audience. 

Drone Pilot

Expert drone operator with thousands of hours of experience in flying and shooting high quality footage.

Sound Design

Over 20 years of experience in audio production. Worked on both studio and live performances, sound effects and indie films.


Strong aesthetic sense with an eye for detail, balance and lighting. Skilled at interior, editorial, and events photography.

Fine Arts

Passion for fine arts including sketching, painting, sculpture, character design, perspective drawing and architecture.

Good design is finding that perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions.

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Print Design

Here are some my graphic design print projects.

Websites & Digital

Here is an overview of how I approach each new project.


  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research


  • Build wireframes
  • Gather client feedback
  • Application development
  • Marketing review


  • Deploy website or newsletter
  • Market product launch
  • Collect user data
  • Quarterly reporting


Below are some videos that I produced.


Below is a variety of different audio projects I've worked on.

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Contact Tim

Please let me about if you have any questions about any projects or would like to see more work geared to a certain style or media.