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Reading Reflections was founded in memory of our grandparents, Edith and Morris Mendelsohn. Our grandparents were teachers who dedicated their lives to the education of their children, grandchildren and children of their communities. It is they who inspired our feeling for the importance of education and our passion for reading.

This inspiration has lead to us helping millions of children around the world who do not have easy access to books. We are helping to ensure that thousands of books are placed in the hands of eager youngsters.

The project began when our dear family friend who is Guyanese sustained a devastating loss: her nephew, a twenty-two-year-old police detective, was brutally murdered. Our friend had been spearheading a campaign to found a school library that was in dire need of educational materials. To honor this young detective's memory, we dedicated our time and effort to creating a library that would provide a wealth of educational resources for the children of the Al-Madinah Islamic Academy. It was immensely rewarding to contribute towards the educational development of children in another country.

We received so many books that we had to look for places locally that could use the surplus. When we saw the tremendous need for books both locally and in impoverished areas globally, we continued to request book donations, organize events with local organizations, and help build libraries throughout New York, New Jersey and oversees. Many children we have helped often have not owned a book in their lives and it is heartwarming to see the expressions on parents' faces when they are able to give their children this precious gift.

As our project progressed, we began to enlist the help of our community. With the assistance of local school drives, bookstores, publishers, and an amazing group of volunteers, Reading Reflections has grow into the largest book donation and collection cnter on Long Island. Our initial collection of books tripled, and then tripled again, until our garages were stacked to the ceiling with thousands of books. As more shipments arrived, our infatuation with the effort grew. To date, we have donated more than 2.5 million books to children in need locally and abroad.

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The need for new and gently used books is only growing. With our garages flowing with books in and out all year, are excited to reach our goal of 5 million books donated!

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It is a sacrifice for donors to part with their books and some are almost too precious to donate. But those books are soon cherished by their new guardians, such as the children at the Henry Schein Back-to School carnival or in regions in Ethiopia where even teachers do not own their own books.

What started as a series of small projects has grown into a mission to do our part to pass on our love for reading and writing to future generations. In our endeavor to put books in the hands of children who desperately need and want them, we have been amazed at the generosity of hundreds of our friends, local bookstores and publishers. We look forward to many rewarding years as our organization continues to grow and thrive.

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